Planting for the future is currently underway in the forests belonging to Jokkmokk Allmänning. During a 5 week period, several deforested areas in the vicinity of Jokkmokk shall be replanted. 2 teams consisting of 7 people have been given Summer jobs planting tree seedlings.

Replantation is a method of creating new productive forests after the trees in the area have been cut down. A ground preparation is carried out prior to plantation in order to give the plants optimal conditions for growth. The tree seedlings are planted in a protective tube at the highest points on the ground, then carefully trampled into position by foot.

It is a physically demanding job working in terrain infested by mosquitos and with large temperature deviations. The salary is provision based. This is a feature that motivates Alice Selberg who is now into her third season of planting seedlings for Allmänning.

”I enjoy planting seedlings. You get to be outside in nature, and avoid having to work evenings and weekends. It is also a well paid job.”

Will you be applying for this job again next year?

Yes, I guess so. Last year I said, “Thank goodness that’s over!”, but came back again anyway” laughs Alice.

Jokkmokks Allmänning views forest plantation as part of their service to the community since it allows them to offer employment to local young people during the Summer. Per Söderberg is responsible for forestry maintenance at Allmänning and supervises the Summer plantation schemes.

”We have always hired our own planters, while also utilising the services of local companies for our reforestation work. This year, we have decided to increase the number of our own planters to ensure that more jobs are allocated to the youth of Jokkmokk.”

Do you receive many applications for the jobs?

“Yes, we receive a large number of applications each year. It is difficult to choose which applicants to employ. Unfortunately, a few people drop out after several days or weeks since they consider the work to be too demanding” explains Per.

Mohammad Sleiman, Abdid Salam and Mohammed Zakario are all working on their first season as forest planters for Jokkmokks Allmänning. They have been planting trees for a week, and are just getting into the routine of the job. Mohammed Zakario will turn 19 in the Autumn and had applied twice in previous years for the forest planter job.

”It is difficult, actually very difficult to plant trees. I am overjoyed though to get this job. It is the best job that I have ever had and suits me perfectly” he tells us while trampling a seedling into place with his foot.

Abdid Salam worked his first day in the forest about a week ago, and agrees with Mohammed that planting trees requires practise.

”It was tough in the beginning, but it feels better now” says Abdid.

What is the best thing about this job?

”The best thing about this job is that I can be outdoors and earn money. I am planning to use some of the money to visit my friends in Gothenburg and Stockholm this Autumn. I also like Jokkmokk, which is a nice town to live in. I know everybody in Jokkmokk. Everybody knows everybody in Jokkmokk” concludes Abdid.

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