Approximately 60 km south of Jokkmokk, and 80 km north of Arvidsjaur, lies the village of Kåbdalis. Its indigenous Lule Sami name is Goabddális, and there are around fifty registered inhabitants. However, the population increases dramatically during the Winter Season. This is when vistors from near and far (including the Elite of World Alpine Skiing) flock to the family-owned ski resort “Kåbdalis skidliftar”.

The company was grounded 50 years ago by Lars Gunnnarstedt, a teacher with a keen interest in skiing who thought that Arvidsjaur was too far away to travel to enjoy downhill skiing. He decided to install his own lift, thus establishing the company that has grown to become Kåbdalis skidliftar. Today, the resort is managed by the brothers Olov and Johan Gunnarstedt who have just shut up shop for the season. The later arrival of Spring this year has allowed an extended season, and the slopes have been in pristine condition right up until closing day.

“We have had a fantastic season, and it is true to say that our caravan guests have experienced some difficulties towing them away due to the large amount of snow still remaining.” relates Olov Gunnarstedt, owner of Kåbdalis skidliftar.

Kåbdalis skidliftar was run as a minor business by the Gunnarstedt family until the beginning of the 1990’s. The annual turnover at the turn of the century was 2 MSEK which has steadily risen to 25 MSEK for 2016. The resort now has 6 ski lifts in operation, and can provide over 450 guest beds to accommodate all the visiting ski enthusiasts.

“There has been a period of continual investment in the facility over many years. We see that this has produced good results and our plan is to build 3 new lifts in the coming decade.” reveals Olov Gunnarstedt.

After the sustained period of continual investment in the company’s development, contact was made with Jokkmokks Allmänning AB to secure an additional capital injection.

“We received a warm reception from Allmänningen who realised the potential of investing in our business. It is fantastic that they want to support the development plans for rural Kåbdalis by helping us along with our work” says Gunnarstedt.

Jokkmokks Allmänning AB invests in local businesses with the objective of strengthening the development of the region. Christian Rimpi is CEO of the company and is responsible for selecting suitable candidates from the companies that apply for financial support.

“From our point of view, it feels secure to invest in such an established and renowned family business such as Kåbdalis skidliftar. They have done an amazing job of developing their business model and attracting visitors from the entire world to their facility. Not to mention the fact that they are a large employer who provide a valuable source of work for 40 people. This makes them a key factor in the future prosperity of the village.”

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