Our new co-worker – Mirja

We welcome Mirja Sandström Spik to us at Jokkmokks Allmänning. During April, Mirja will work side by side with Ellinor. To then take over the role of Ellinor’s successor. Mirja grew up in Jokkmokk and has since studied in Luleå to study at economics at LTU. Her latest assignment was that she worked as a … Continue Reading

The forest around Jokkmokk grows

Join Christian Rimpi as he talks about the future of allmänningen.

Reforestation jobs for the youths and immigrants of Jokkmokk!

Last week a mixed group of youths and immigrants began to plant seedlings for Jokkmokks Allmänning. This year Jokkmokks Allmänning is trying out a new system for fertilization. A container of fertilizer is connected to the planting tool that releases fertilizer while you plant the seedlings. The fertilizer is based on L-Arginine phosphate instead of … Continue Reading

The fire department of Boden and Jokkmokk burns the forest!

Last week a course in conservation fire was held outside of Jokkmokk. Representatives from the rescue services of Boden and Jokkmokk, The National Property Board of Sweden, The Swedish Fortifications Agency, SCA, Jokkmokks Allmänning and local forest entrepreneurs. It was Jokkmokks Allmänning that arranged the course for educational purposes and to strenghten the cooperation in … Continue Reading