Their dream of owning a Country Store came true

During the Autumn of 2010, good friends Marie Nygårds and Kicki Unga sat down together to investigate possible business ventures. A 15-year-old friendship, a strong will and a longing back home to Jokkmokk were the motivational forces behind K&M – Bakery and Country Store. However, it appeared that their dream may be short-lived when it … Continue Reading

Generations of skiing expertise brings Kåbdalis to life

Approximately 60 km south of Jokkmokk, and 80 km north of Arvidsjaur, lies the village of Kåbdalis. Its indigenous Lule Sami name is Goabddális, and there are around fifty registered inhabitants. However, the population increases dramatically during the Winter Season. This is when vistors from near and far (including the Elite of World Alpine Skiing) … Continue Reading

Future Growth in Jokkmokk

Planting for the future is currently underway in the forests belonging to Jokkmokk Allmänning. During a 5 week period, several deforested areas in the vicinity of Jokkmokk shall be replanted. 2 teams consisting of 7 people have been given Summer jobs planting tree seedlings. Replantation is a method of creating new productive forests after the … Continue Reading

Jokkmokks Allmänning gets the Nordenskiöldsloppet competition on track

The competition track for this year’s Nordenskiöldsloppet cross-country ski race was inaugurated during Jokkmokk’s Market. Jokkmokks Allmänning has supported this competition since its birth through both financial backing and practical activities that benefit the race. Christian Rimpi, manager of Jokkmokks Allmänning, is enthusiastic about all types of initiatives that benefit the community and tells us … Continue Reading